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For more than 15 years, Esprit-audio of France has developed several ranges of cables. From the recording to your ears, you have strictly chosen the source, the amplification and the speakers of your high fidelity system. To give you the possibility of making the most of it and to reveal all its musicality.

We follow a precise objective: to ensure the carrying of the musical message with the highest fidelity to the original recording. The audio image is more natural and free flowing. The cables act like a real vector of musicality at the heart of your system.

Each range of cables is the result of permanent and methodic search on conductors and insulating components to create the best products. They are subjected to the most demanding tests and listening all along the designing process. The Esprit savoir-faire and skill (including proprietary connectors) are also nourished by a constant dialogue with our customers to find the most musical solutions.

Professional reviews are unanimous: Esprit cables clearly show the natural qualities, the harmonic and dynamic richness of your system in an unmatched way. When you listen to your system, Esprit cables reveal all the previously unsuspected emotions of an audiophile sound reproduction in an efficient and balanced system.


     Inheriting 15 years of Esprit technologies’ development, Alpha cables lead you to a rich, musically crystal clear universe, that remains reasonably priced, for all passionate and demanding audiophiles.


     Beta cables give a unique and pure sound reproduction with unmatched stability of the music signal in top high fidelity products. Your system disappears to let the music play and brings you pure delight.


     Kappa cables’ ability to reveal the smooth and realistic qualities of your high fidelity system is really impressive. They offer you an immediate, natural and dynamic musical emotion, previously reserved to the most elitist products.


     Boost your passion for music and discover new emotions with Celesta cables. They will give your high fidelity system considerably increased performances, delivering a free and natural musical message.


      True high fidelity references, Eterna cables keep every detail of the message and reveal an audio depth that will satisfy the needs of most demanding audiophiles. Their realistic and natural sound reproduction conveys musical emotion with unmatched skill.


     Aura cables stretch the limits of your high fidelity system. The audio image is so natural and so detailed that it will fool you into thinking there is nothing between you and the music.


     To put it simply, Lumina cables are meant to be the best audio cables available. The results are simply breathtaking.
     The artist’s intent is faithfully and naturally reproduced. With uncompromised design and handmade assembling, Lumina cables offer nearly perfect sound reproduction. Dynamic ability, free musicality and undiscovered details are revealed by the transparency of the Lumina cables, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your music collection with a new ear.
     Every start, every silence, every melody is an unsuspected musical scene and offers you a captivating experience.


     Fit with Esprit RendistoR technology, this device of electrical polarization by an overhead way, reduces efficiently the household electromagnetic disruptions (50 Hz supply, WiFi, cell phones, etc.). Independent and universal, you just have to connect it to A.C. and to put it next to your system. The results are immediate: the sound reproduction gains in stability, free flowing and silence. It reveals a richer, more detailed and more legible audio image. Manta frees your system from many restrains, and allows it to release a new potential without complicated set up.


     Result of Esprit’s most advanced research, Gaia cables are the spearhead of our trademark permanent project: to provide a completely mastered musical message transmission. Initially designed for confidential personal use because of the extreme sophistication of its assembling, Gaia is now produced to answer the needs of the best system users, on demand.
     All the musical qualities that you expect are released by Gaia’s unmatched ability when it comes to conveying a musical message. Theaudio image becomes incredibly lifelikeand realistic.
     From artist to artist, from track to track, a new musical world is revealed and will lead you towards new musical discoveries. Take on this journey and rediscover your entire music collection.

For technical specs on Esprit-audio cable products, see the Esprit-audio product site.