The Universal Music Source
much more than a mere USB-DAC

The musicbook DSD is a USB digital-analog converter with outstanding sound properties which enables the reproduction of music from a computer in studio master quality.

But the musicbook can do a lot more. The integrated analog preamp, which also doubles as an excellent headphone amp, allows the connection of a phono preamp and thus offers a consummate audiophile quality also with vinyl records.

In terms of technology the musicbook is definitely way ahead of the competition. Using a sophisticated recalculation all digital audio signals are converted into DSD 128/256, a data format which is highly esteemed by audiophiles worldwide. Thus the actual digital-analog conversion is reduced to a mere filtering of the DSD signal. This completely new approach is the secret behind the musicbook’s exceptionally good sound.

The musicbook comes in a range of models and features. For more information select the links below: