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No other streaming company currently has the combination of optical fibre and Ethernet networking (user selects their preference), an input to output fully balanced dual mono topography, dual mono Lundahl output stage transformers, dual clocking, LEEDH digital audio signal processing and an application with the sound quality and versatility of The Lumin App, all in one box!

Furthermore, Lumin Music will add nothing inside the cabinet to influence the audio data stream. This is Lumin’s core competency. Internal hard drives, multicolor front panel displays, CD rippers and internal storage are all known to generate measurable noise. As a purist audiophile company, Lumin will not include those convenience features. All can easily be accommodated outside the box. Even the rear panel ethernet light and the front panel title display can be turned off, providing an incremental improvement in sound quality through noise reduction.

All updates, streaming service improvements, new streaming services and extensions, plus new feature deployments take place over the air, with broadcast grade quality initiated by engineers from Pixel Magic Systems Ltd. Please visit for all specification detail and scroll down for the video at:

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Lumin review

Luman T3 DAC and Lumin AMP win Audiophile Style CASH Suggested Hardware Award 2022. The Computer Audiophile writes, "Lumin is a solid company that builds solid products, with a track record of frequent improvements, delivered to listeners free of charge. The sound quality I heard through the Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP, in addition to the great product support and knowhow of the Lumin team, made for a terrific experience all around. The Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP are both CASH Listed, without hesitation. "
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Lumin review

STEREOPHILE says of the Lumin P1 "It is a superb-sounding D/A processor, but its transparent-sounding analog inputs and full video functionality are a welcome bonus." And adds, "The Lumin app proved to be an excellent means of controlling the P1."
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Lumin Leed

Lumin brings Leedh digital volume processing to all Lumin products. All units will be upgraded automatically. For more information.... And to learn more about this lossless volume control technology visit Leedh's home page.

THE COMPUTER AUDIOPHILE says the Lumin X1, "Competes with the best full featured streaming DACs anywhere near its price. The Lumin team has taken the best of its previous products and improved upon those aspects to deliver a sound rooted in analog playback but with all the incredible detail of digital."
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ABSOLUTE SOUND has named the Lumnin S1 to its 2017 Golden Ears List!
Open printable Lumin S1 datasheet.

WARRANTY SUPPORT and USA position on Unauthorized Internal Modifications
The limited warranty on all new Lumin Music products purchased in the USA from authorized USA retailers is 2-years parts and labor, under normal use conditions. You must keep your original purchase receipt from your retail dealer or a clear copy to claim warranty service. Lumin in the USA provides a warranty only on products shipped to the USA by Lumin directly or imported by Source Systems, Ltd., and sold only by authorized Lumin dealers as new equipment. Lumin in the USA or Source Systems, Ltd., may not service products under warranty that have been opened, modified, or altered. However, at Source Systems, Ltd.'s discretion, exceptions might be made if product is submitted for warranty service in an unmodified condition. Modifying products internally technically voids warranties from Lumin in the USA. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis and are subject to prior approval.
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RE: Web site:
Please be advised the web site indicated above is not authorized by the appointed USA importer/distributor for Pixel Magic Systems, dba Lumin Music Hong Kong. In fact, there is no company with the name Lumin Music USA. Therefore, products sold by this company are not covered by warranty through the authorized USA distributor, Source Systems Ltd. For any question on this issue please contact 949-369-7729. For confirmation of the duly authorized distributor and dealer listings for the USA, please visit: Lumin Authorized USA and Canadian distributors and dealers.