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fidata by I-O DATA DEVICE of Japan is a new category of audiophile product that lives up to the meaning of its name "reliability.” There is a transparency, detail, decay and depth of field that we have never experienced before. fidata is an innovative, newly designed and newly engineered product to store and extract audio information that you never knew existed on your recordings. fidata is a server, renderer, streamer device for file storage, playback, retrieval, rendering and ripping. The new fidata high-resolution audio system can deliver quality that approaches that of live events and original masters. Most digital playback sources cannot come close to fidata’s level of performance. Until now data was stored on CDs, DVDs, mechanical drives, NAS devices, USB drives, PCs, cloud servers or flash sticks. fidata’s audiophile platform was designed and engineered specifically to enable silicon based pro SSD flash, combined with new isolation methods, audio and power technology. To advance audio performance the HFAS1-XS20U introduces X cluster SSD*. Currently unmatched, fidata brings you closer to the original performance than any other source we have heard. fidata is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan. Hearing is believing so please ask your retailer for an audition.
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