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Source Systems Ltd. of San Clemente, CA. is dedicated to the import, representation and distribution of high resolution, network, and PC audio system components. By focusing on the evolution of high-resolution digital audio, our suppliers develop and manufacture products with innovative, proprietary, award winning and industry leading technologies!

Based on extensive broadcast reception experience from Pixel Magic Systems, Ltd. , Source Systems presents  Lumin Music , the audiophile network music player family, transports, amplifier, and auto NAS devices for both Optical and Ethernet based networking. Lumin systems provide the finest in audiophile quality and reproduction. 

In early 2022 Lumin introduced the U2 Mini digital transport streamer-renderer as a substantial update to the original U1 Mini. In late 2021 Lumin introduced the P1, a streamer, renderer, DAC, and full A/V hub with system pre-amp functionality. This high-end “Control center” includes new multi-use capability for home audio systems. The P1 is Lumin’s most versatile product to date, combining network-based Ethernet and optical audio streaming capability with a high end digital to analogue converter (DAC), multiple analog and digital inputs (including HDMI), dual Femto clock processing and dual mono Lundahl transformer output stage from Lumin’s flagship model X1.   

All Lumin digital streamers and transports include The Lumin Application and utilize LEEDH digital signal processing at no extra cost to the consumer. Lumin continues to win global accolades and top awards in high-res audio.  Lumin's  software application is an industry leader, enabling  Lumin  system control options, internet radio, major online streaming services, audio file selection, search by parameter and user defined playlists.

More than any other media control software, ease of use and intuitiveness excel with The Lumin Application.  Furthermore, Lumin is an OEM supplier for technology to other manufacturers.  Lumin  is DLNA and UPnP compliant and is based on eliminating multiple hardware functionality within components. This “purist" audiophile approach, uses only modular and independent ultra-low noise component designs.  Lumin is compatible with Spotify, TuneIn Internet radio, Qobuz, Tidal, Tidal high fidelity (MQA), ROON, and Airplay. Lumin also allows for user selectable levels of PCM up-sampling, DSD up sampling and PCM to DSD conversion.  For detailed information by product, product reviews and awards please visit:  http://www.luminmusic.com 

fidata by I-O DATA DEVICE of Japan is a new category of audiophile product that lives up to the meaning of its name "reliability.” There is a transparency, detail, decay, and depth of field that we have never experienced before.  fidata  is an innovative, newly designed, and newly engineered product to store and extract audio information that you never knew existed on your recordings.  fidata  is a server, renderer, streamer device for file storage, playback, retrieval, rendering and ripping. The new fidata high-resolution audio system can deliver quality that approaches that of live events and original masters. Most digital playback sources cannot come close to   level of performance. Until now data was stored on CDs, DVDs, mechanical drives, NAS devices, USB drives, PCs, cloud servers or flash sticks.  fidata's fidata’ s  audiophile platform was designed and engineered specifically to enable silicon based pro SSD flash, combined with new isolation methods, audio, and power technology. To advance audio performance the HFAS1-XS20U introduces X cluster SSD*. Currently unmatched, fidata brings you closer to the original performance than any other source we have heard. fidata is 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan. Hearing is believing so please ask your retailer for an audition. For detailed information and an awards summary please visit:  http://www.iodate.jp/fidata/en/index.htm.

New for 2022 fidata has introduced a server companion CD ripper/tagger/CD transport. This new addition, the fidata AD10 audio disc drive achieves high-definition CD ripping and playback. It realizes high-quality CD playback and ripping not only when combined with an audio server but even when combined with PC or Mac for audio use.

Bringing fidata’s logic and expertise into cable design is evolutionary. We now offer new, high-quality LAN and USB cables designed to deliver digital output from the fidata Audio Server to your audio player or USB DAC.  These cables bring together several technologies and components including high-grade silver-plated copper conductors, high-quality connectors, and noise-reducing features designed from the perspective of ensuring audio quality. They are perfect for use with the fidata Audio Server as well as other audio devices such as audio players and USB DACs. For full details please visit: https://www.iodata.jp/fidata/en/product/odd/hfad10-ubxu/specification.htm.

Soundgenic by I.O Data Device, is a digital server/renderer/ripper/tagger, with a new on-screen system control guide. Ripper/tagger and CD playback requires an optional USB external Blu-ray/DVD disk drive to rip, tag and store to the internal drives. 2TB SSD and 4TB HDD configurations are available. Multiple methods are allowed to load to the drives. All products are 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan.

Philharmonia by Amadeus  is a very high-definition monitoring system combining innovation and technology, with style, and a pristine sonic character. The new speakers were initially created specifically for the Philharmonia de Paris recording and mastering studios, which were built to capture performances by the world’s most prestigious symphonic orchestras. The new speakers were designed by  Michel DELUC , Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development, along with world-renown architect Jean NOUVEL, who designed the new Philharmonia de Paris concert hall.

Source Systems Ltd. adds new products and updates when available so please check back often.

Source Systems Ltd. can be reached by E mail at:  sourcesystems@cox.net  or by telephone at 949‑369‑7729.