• Luman Wins Audiophile Cash Award
    Luman T3 DAC and Lumin AMP win Audiophile Style CASH Suggested Hardware Award 2022. The Computer Audiophile writes, "Lumin is a solid company that builds solid products, with a track record of frequent improvements, delivered to listeners free of charge. The sound quality I heard through the Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP, in addition to the great product support and knowhow of the Lumin team, made for a terrific experience all around. The Lumin T3 and Lumin AMP are both CASH Listed, without hesitation. " Details here.

  • The New Lumin U2 Mini is here!
    New Lumin introduces the U2 Mini streamer/renderer with LEEDH digital processing and expanded format capability. Details here.

  • Lumin adds LEEDH
    Lumin adds Leedh's lossless digital volume control technology to all models at no extra charge. All units will be upgraded automatically. Details here.

  • Lumin's X1 joins line
    Lumin'sX1 Network Player, imported by Source Systems Ltd., called "By far the best Lumin product ever developed and competes with the best full-featured streaming DACs anywhere near its price." by The Computer Audiophile.", details here.

  • Absolute Sound Names Lumin S1 to its 2017 Golden Ears list

    Lumin's S1, the company's flagship model, has been awarded a spot on Absolute Sound's prestigious 2017 Golden Ears List. The S1 sets the industry standard for streaming. It includes DSD128 5.6Mhz playback and HDMI output, 4 ESS SABRE32 9018 DAC chips delivering 16 DACs per channel and an enhanced external dual-toroidal power supply.

  • Amadeus "Philharmonia" Is Here
    The phenomenal Amadeus "Philharmonia" HI-FI speakers arrive in USA. Source Systems Ltd., exclusive USA importer for Amadeus of France, presented the first live demonstration of the Amadeus "Philharmonia" speakers at AXPONA 2016 in Chicago. The Philharmonia speakers, co-designed by world-renowned architrect Jean NOUVEL are shiipping now and retail in the USA for $50,000 per pair. Open news release in seperate tab...

  • Lumin Announces New U1 Audiophile Network Music Transport
    LUMIN U1 Audiophile network music transport is an all new transport-only unit based on the award-winning LUMIN S1 with 5 types of digital audio output including new USB. On the back are five types of digital output: USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU, BNC, and optical. Digital inputs include Gigabit Ethernet and USB for external or flash drives. Specifications:
    • DSD128 5.6MHz
    • PCM 44.1–384kHz 16–32bit
    • 6 exceptionally low-phase-noise crystal clock oscillators
    • Native Tidal and Qobuz support
    • iOS & Android music browsing app

  • LUMIN S1 Uprades
    LUMIN S1 adds DSD128 5.6Mhz support by utilising 4 ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC chips to deliver a total of 16 DACs per channel in parallel. While LUMIN S1 brings greater resolution and a more dynamic sound, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the characteristic LUMIN musicality is delivered. This has involved tuning every part of the system to complement these new DAC chips, including revising the clocking system and enhancing the external dual-toroidal power supply. Read more...